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Kyle Boganwright Art 13lucky13Gallery

Baby - Watercolor

I am a fine artist. I won the prestigious National Gold Portfolio Award from the Scholastic Company in 2009. The content of my work is varied and I have primarily two types of work that I do. The first one is acrylic and paint marker, and the second is looser pen and ink and watercolor work. I like to include archetypal messages in my art. I include Jungian messages in my work. The content can sometimes be controversial, which I try to lighten with humor or bright colors.  My style is pop surrealism with a twist.I have been heavily influenced by Ralph Steadman, Basquait, and my study of history and mythology. I include elements from all of these in my art. I am opening the lucky13gallery in April 2014 at 13 West First Street in Columbus Ohio. I do charity work every year and I would like to offer art lessons for disadvantaged children at the gallery. In the next five to ten years, I would like to expand the gallery to other cities, and start an artist in residence program in Columbus Ohio. I also want to have shows in other cities such as Chicago,Los Angeles and New York. Within ten years I would like to combine my work with a Masters in Psychology and become a Jungian analyst and art therapist. I also have an epic project, called Enoch, that will include books, artwork, screenplay, and a rock-opera in honor of my friend Enoch Smith. This project will examine the values that shape our world in a comic light. The orginal Enoch picture is included below.







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